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The Fastest and the Rarest: Toyota Supra The sixty-seven-millimeter twin turbo whistled like a tornado heard from a distance. Nothing in sight but the occasional frighten squirrel. The engine behind this “tornado” comes from a Toyota Supra. Supra was produced by Toyota Motor Company from 1979 to 2002. As an iconic sports car, the Supra has been highlighted in copious video games, movies, music videos and TV shows. Envied by most, if not by all high performing car owners, the Toyota Supra is definitely a car to review. The head turning Supra is not only the fastest but is trendy as well. The shaping of the 1990’s models were partly based on the Ferrari F40. The styling of the Supra was originally derived from the Toyota Celica, but it was both longer and wider ( Supra was initially a Toyota Celica until 1986, when it became its own superb model. If one were to show up at a street race with a Supra, without a doubt, would be the main attraction among all the spectators. The two door Supra has a slick look to it, much like a dark and sneaky dragon. Faster than lighting! Sure, the Toyota Supra is a sexy car but the main reason everyone desires the car so greatly is because of its performance. The turbocharged Supra could achieve 0-60 in 4 seconds, yes only four. ( It is really remarkable how fast this demon can go. An all stock Toyota Supra is equipped with 320 horsepower and twin turbo, not something one can get on an all stock car. The Supra is referred as the demon from hell by many, sounds a bit chilling but once one has seen this “demon” in action one would unquestionably agree that the nickname suits the car. Additionally, the Supra is also well-known for its smoothness. It shifts quick and positive, every driver’s dream. In truth, the Toyota Supra is eminent for leaving Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the dust. It’s a massive embarrassment for exotic cars, well over $150,000 being left far behind by a $40,000 car. Furthermore, if the Toyota Supra was such a marvelous vehicle, then why was it discontinued? Initially, the Supra never sold in significant numbers, generally because the swelling import performance scene had not hit the United States yet. “At length, a ten-thousand dollar price cut in the final year of North American sales did virtually nothing to revive the car’s…