Surface Level Diversity

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In this essay, I will be exploring the needs of managing for diversity. As there are many different aspects of diversity, it would be challenging for organization to cope and foresee problematic issues that can arise from, based on their assumption of predictability and understandability of the problems, and finding the right solution to respond to the situations. The content will be based on 3 key discussion points supported with references – why understanding surface and deep level diversity is a good practice for manager, why is it important to manage for diversity in Singapore, and lastly the distinct characteristics of Singaporean employees that need to factor, compared to other expatriates.

Workforce Diversity
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When a millennial manages a boomer, problems and conflicts will arise inevitably. The older workers may feel insulted for the instruction given, while millennial may feel lost without proper guidance. However, when diverse team is properly managed, conflicts can be eliminated.
Managers would need to go extra miles to learn about employees' personality traits, and make extensive efforts to shift value and expectations across generations.

Advantages of Diversity
According to MOM (2010), employees of different profiles often have different strengths and attributes. Studies show that team with diversity made better decision than homogeneous group, and yield higher financial return in the short run (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione 2010). With diversity in place, employees get to explore different work ethic, team effort and come across unique ideas given by other employees. They are more likely to be creative in their ideas and quick in solving problems as everyone has different perception and thoughts. Having a diverse workforce in a company would reap benefits to an organization if properly managed.

Disadvantages of Diversity
Individuals are attracted to similar others because they envision that their own values and beliefs will be reinforced. High diversity teams will tend to have less positive attitudes