Surface Tension Essay

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Science Lab Report

| | |Duties Each Person Performed… |
|Name: | | |
| | | |
|Lab Partner(s): | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|Lab Experiment: or Activity|Surfactants, surface tension, and the lungs of premature infants. |
|Date: |7-Nov-08 |Class: | |Period: | |

Introduction ( What do you expect to learn? What is the purpose of this lab or activity?)

|To model the action of various surfactants on the hydrogen bonds of water. To use this information to propose a possible solution to combat |
|the fatality of premature infants. |
| |
| |

Hypothesis (Predict the outcome(s) of the experiment. What do you think will happen and what makes you think this?)

|1. Part one: Predict the best water depth, and temperature, best bug size and shape, best placement of surfactant to give maximum traveling |
|distance in minimum amount of time. |
|2. Part two: Predict the effectiveness of the following possible surfactants. Olive oil, oleic acid, full strength Palmolive, alconox |
|detergent, octanol, and green slime. |
|3. Part three: Predict what will happen to the two balloons representing the alveoli of a baby’s lungs. |
| |

Materials (What equipment and materials did you need for this lab assignment? Describe how any equipment was connected. List the name and amount of each item used.)

| |

Procedure (What steps did you take to accomplish this lab assignment?)

| |

Data Recording (Record the data that is required at each step of the lab: tables, charts, graphs, sketches, etc.)

Analysis (Explain your data in words.)

|1. What characteristics make a good surfactant? |
|2. What temperature of water works best and why? |
|3. What is the best place to place your drop of surfactant and why?