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English Assignment
Part 1 - Monologue
Jared stands outside Ricko’s funeral service, wondering whether to go in or not.
I was heaps happy when my best mate Ricko came back to Blackrock, apparently he was driving ‘round Australia going surfing. But now I wish he just stayed away forever. We were all so excited about Ackland’s party. But it turned out horribly, I knew something bad was gonna happen, but not this bad.
I still can’t sleep at night, knowing some fifteen year old chick got raped by three of my mates, and killed by the dude I trust most out of anyone, how could anyone sleep after that!? And worst of all, I saw it all happen, and I didn’t even do anything about it. I don’t know If I can ever trust anyone again, I can’t believe he did it. He didn’t even tell me till I asked him about it, I can’t even imagine what else he’s done.
Even though he’s a murderer and we sort of aren’t friends, I still miss him and feel bad that he’s gone. But over these last weeks, I have realised that he was not a good role model, we all idolised him, thought what he did was the right thing to do, thought he was heaps cool. But right now I’m thinking ‘bout it and he got me into heaps of trouble. But when he left to go kangaroo island I was finally getting somewhere, I was doing well at school, I had a part time job, a girlfriend. But when Brett Ricketson made his remarkable return to the small town of Blackrock, everything went bad for me, I was staying out later at night and missing school and work, me and my girlfriend Rachel split up and me and my mum were always fighting and angry at each other.
I still don’t know how Ricko and Tracy dying are going to affect the town, it will defiantly ruin tourism n stuff like that, make it harder for all the shops n restaurant owners. I think a few people will move away from the area, I think they don’t feel safe here anymore, or they might want to try and forget what happened, defiantly for Tracy’s family, they would want to forget and start a new life somewhere else. Her dad isn’t holding up well at all, not sure what’s gonna happen to him, I think he’s seeing a professional or something, I hope he’s alright.
My dad says him and my mum are getting back together, but they’re not fooling me, I know they are just doing it to make sure I don’t go downhill again cause of Ricko’s death, they just wanna make sure I stay on track at school n stuff. but it think dad does want to make mum feel better, make her happier, I mean, I don’t know how much longer she has left to live, she has cancer, I better start treating her better and helping around the house. I’m really by it, it’s a big reality check knowing that I can’t rely on her and she can’t help me as much when I need her. I feel bad that I didn’t listen to her when she tried to tell me, I just ignored her. I know how hard it was for her to tell me, and I didn’t let her.
People start coming out of the service
I’m glad I didn’t go in it would’ve been hard for me to keep it together, and anyway, this could be my way of moving on. By trying to forget him.

‘Blackrock’ is a play written by Nick Enright that gives a startling view into the young beach culture in Australia. This is done through the representation of the Blacko boys, a group of friends that live in a fictional suburb called Blackrock. They are disrespectful to women and don’t take sex, alcohol or drugs as seriously as they should, this is how Enright conveyed our lost generation. But if you look closely at the story you will find a characters story of how he lost his innocence.
Jared Kirby is a 17 year old local surfer and school student. He is close friends with other local surfers Scott Abbey, Craig Davidson and Brett Ricketson,