Surgery and Saudi Arabia Essay

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My grand father was a poor man. He used to live in a small house built of clay without electricity. He insisted to change his life and his family life. Before my grand father decide to change his life, my father used to study on the street and gets help from the streetlight. My grandfather chose to go to India. He worked there for five years as a spice trader. While he was in India, the petrol has discovered in Saudi Arabia. Although he got a good gain in India, My grandfather returned to Saudi Arabia because there were a lot of careers opportunities.
Since I was a child, soccer was my best sport. I played in a team called Hajer. I started playing in the soccer team since 1990. I was dreaming to be a super star player, but in 2000 my bad luck has began. I had a strong injury in my right knee called ACL. In those days, it was a difficult injury. So I stopped playing soccer and I was extremely broken. Five years later, I heard about a doctor did the ACL surgery and it was successfully. I went to the doctor and I did the surgery, but after seven months I had the same injury but this time in the lift knee. Actually, from that day I did three surgeries in my lift knee and my dream has gone.
After twenty years from now, I think many things will change. A lot of habits will change, but the values won’t change. If my children study hard, they will have a better opportunity to get high positions or jobs. Azzam “the big one” has a great power and he likes running, so I am going to