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Surgical Technology

In this research paper, I will be defining Rhabdovirus or also known as rabies, and how it is transferred from one being to another. I will also discuss its origin and how to cure the disease when a person is infected. In the body of the paper these following questions will be mentioned and answered; who gets infected with the virus, why is rabies more common in less developed countries, and how can we protect ourselves against it. I will also talk about the ratio of death worldwide that was caused of this virus, and lastly I will mention the signs and symptoms of the Rhabdovirus/ rabies.

Growing up in a developing country, stray dogs and cats are usually seen in the streets of the Philippines. That’s why it is quite common for people to get bitten and infected by Rhabdovirus. It is also called historically as “rabies”. On the other hand in the developing countries the idea of contracting rabies may seem farfetched. Which leads us to the following questions; what is rabies? Why is rabies more common in less developed countries? Who gets rabies? How can we protect ourselves against it?
Rhabdovirus is the “type species” of the Lyssavirus genus of Rhabdoviridae family. Rhabdovirus can affect domestic and wild animals, but is commonly carried by carnivores (Muhammad et al, 2012). Rabies is a very aggressive virus that is almost one hundred percent fatal when the symptom starts to manifest. Rabies can be found in six continents with the exception of Antarctica. Although it is present in such a wide area more than 90% of human fatalities and debilitating cases are recorded in less developed regions of Asia and Africa according to Tomas Stargardter ( Rabies is a neglected disease that is rampant in poor and exposed populations.
Although vaccinations against rabies were developed almost a century ago, its actual prevalence is still inaccurate due to under reporting of fatalities and failure to seek medical help. This is mainly because it mostly affects remote and small rural communities that lack information about the disease and the necessary measure to prevent animal to human transmission are not being utilized. Although dogs account for a huge number of cases recent data shows that bats are the most common carriers in the Americas together with raccoons and skunks (
Everybody regardless of where a person lives could be infected by the virus that’s why necessary preventive actions should be taken in order to protect one’s self and the family against it. Pet vaccination and being cautious around wild animals are among the top things one can do to prevent contracting rabies. Rabies is a virus that many animals carry and it is important to know the symptoms and how to treat it. This virus can be transmitted through the exchange of blood and saliva from an infected animal. The most common animals that might have the virus are cats and dogs.
There are varying signs and symptoms when infected with Rhabdovirus. The common signs and symptoms are fever, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, and itching at the site of the bite