Surrealism: Paris and Contour Lines Essay

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Artist Statements: Surrealism Project
1. I got into this work because I was interested in the varieties of shapes that can be made and I'm glad that I don’t have to worry about having a perfect drawing. I got into this work because I started thinking about imaginary things and the things that I was interested in. I liked the way the buildings that I drew looked and how the technique we were taught helped me to make buildings much easier by using a horizontal line and vanishing point. My favorite things about my work is the European monuments, the military hat, cancer ribbon, and the Chinese symbols because I like the creativeness I put into the drawing with the contour lines all around the large objects/buildings.
Subject: I got the idea to draw the Louvre Pyramid and then the Eiffel Tower because it shows that I like to travel to the most fascinating places all around the world. At the same time, I got this idea from my mom because she always wanted to go to Paris just like me so I would want to put something on my surrealism project that relates to what my mom and I likes. The architecture of the buildings inspired me to make this image because I love how in different countries the people who have the idea of the monuments are so creative and I love the colors of the different shaped buildings. I liked the way the Louvre Pyramid was built because it mostly made out of clear glass and the light reflected inside the pyramid shows a bright gold which in my opinion makes the Louvre Pyramid look beautiful. The shape of the Eiffel Tower is really unique because other huge monuments that I have seen in the United States, hasn't been made like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Composition: The focal point in my drawing was the Louvre Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Military Hat, and the Cancer Ribbon. Those drawings are the most important part of my picture because I drew them bigger on purpose to emphasis the person's attention to those drawings. I separated those drawings throughout my picture because I want the viewer looking all around my picture and not just one specific place. I used the contour lines as a rhythm affect of the multiple stripes, to help give the viewer a direction or path to look at when viewing my picture. I used the contour lines either going through or behind the huge drawings to show a direction on where to look and I made the drawings bigger because it catches the viewers attention first. I showed movement throughout my picture by using the contour lines. My picture shows variety because there are a lot of buildings and objects that are drawn in my picture. There is texture in the contour lines and the Eiffel Tower because the contour lines has a rough and smooth effect and the Eiffel Tower has a rough texture from the multiple edges. I used multiple mediums for my surrealism project. I used color pencil because I like the way I can determine wether of not the drawing can have a smooth or rough texture on the buildings and the other objects. I used color markers for some parts of my picture because I made the Chinese letters look like its coming out of the cover of books. I didn't intend to make it look like its coming out of books but when I looked at it clearly, that's what I saw. Content: In my picture I drew the Louvre Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de triumph because those architectural buildings show how I love to travel and my interest in seeing the creativeness other countries put into making their monuments. I drew the Military Hat because I had ideas for my future that, I will join the navy when I get out of college because I'm just interested into the military life and the benefits I get when I join and retire in the military. The pink cancer ribbon is there because the shows how I'm supportive of the people who fought off breast cancer and I commend those women/men who over came breast cancer. My grandma when I was young had breast cancer and over the years that she tries to be healthy, she