Survey: Good and Customer Satisfaction Essays

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Task 1

Surveys and observations mean we need to make a method for collecting some useful information in a population, and then we can know the current trend of hospitality industry. Moreover, we can also know the profiles of customers, and which food they like or dislike, and which services are most important to your guests, like customer satisfaction survey. Because listening effective is vital to business success.
There are a lot of ways to conduct research and collect information, such as telephone interview, questionnaire survey, and online survey. This information is collected through use of standardized procedures so that every participant is asked the same questions in the same way. It involves asking people for information in some structured format.
As mentioned above, how do you know what people really think? Customers often say one thing to your face and then do something completely different. Most people have a natural tendency to be polite. The best way to understand strengths and weaknesses of restaurant is through the use of benchmarking information or comparison data. For example, having this information may be important if you have plans for adding some new products. The result is very important to the business, if the feedback is not good, they can improve at the same time.
Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in hospitality industry. When there is no way to know exactly what an individual thinks, or get what the market thinks of your business and why they buy from your competitors. The marketing manager need do some surveys and observations.
The best time to conduct a survey is when the experience is fresh in their minds. If you wait, the customer may have forgotten some of the details. Or they may answer about a later event. They may colour their answers because of confusion with other visits, and confuse you with some other company.
On the other hand, some customers also need a result of survey…