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Roshanie Sewsankar
Period 4 AP Psychology
Survey Experiment Report

My survey experiment revolved around relationships. From our teenage years even into late adulthood we engage in relationships constantly. I wanted to see what people thought about the effects of relationships in school and or work environment. I chose the questions I did because I believed they would be easy to answer but also provide the information I wanted to know. I believed the responses would be different because males and females are extremely different and also depending the age of the person, I thought answers might be more or less detailed and mature. I didn’t really target a specific group but I definitely steered away from kids under 15 because it’s less likely they would understand the questions clearly. This survey has provided be with the information I wanted to know and also got a lot of the people I asked the questions to, to really start thinking about relationships and how they truly affect them. When conducting my survey, I didn’t hand out papers to the members of the group. Instead I sent a picture of the questions to people in my contact list and also random people on social networks. I didn’t want to limit my group to just people at West Orange or people I knew personally. The ages range from 15 to 35 years and there were 8 males and 12 females. I do believe that males and females have very different opinions and very different outlooks on relationships. I’ve been in a relationship for a little over 2 years and I understand how differently my boyfriend and I feel about our relationship and relationships in general. I learned a lot while conducting my survey and it really showed me that we shouldn’t stereotype genders and ages as much as we do. The questions I chose for my survey was based on what I thought would be easy but also get people to start thinking. The responses I got were different from what I expected. When asking if relationships affect school and work positively or negatively, I noticed many people saw it to be both ways. Among those were mostly males and that was something I didn’t expect. I predicted males would say negative and females would say positive. I also asked whether or not relationships help or hinder development and maturity and I got a totally different response from what I initially thought. 40 percent said relationships hindered development and maturity, 40 percent said it helped and 20 percent said both. I expected it to be a 60 and 40 percent divide. It was also interesting to see people’s thoughts on a healthy relationship in today’s society. Many of the responses were things such as being happy and having trust and communication, which was…