Survival: Core Countries and Vs Thrival Thriving Essay

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Survival VS Thrival

Thriving is something that most core countries believe they experience, but is it really? Yes, having a job with reliable income meets our physiological needs by providing us with financial security and a great big house and the ability to pay for what we believe to be needs of safety and social such as bills for electricity, gas, internet, etc. But does all of this really meet our higher thrival needs, including those of esteem and self-actualization, or does it simply make us believe we are fulfilling these needs? More and more people with all these great opportunities and advancements at their fingertips are feelings stuck and depressed in their lives. The majority of people in periphery and semi-periphery countries that we believe to be less fortunate due to their limited availability to water, food, transportation, technology, etc. are actually the ones thriving. By living off the land in such minuscule ways and often barely being able to meet their physiological needs, these people don't ever take life for granted and take every day as a blessing. They are the truly happy ones. I believe that survival is thrival, and that our way of reaching a thriving lifestyle is just a distraction from our true path to happiness and self-awarness.
If we are brought aback by someone of superior strength and/or power that attempts to intimidate and overpowers us by force, our safety is threatened due to the possibility of violence, theft, manipulation, etc. Therefore, our higher needs such as