Survival Of The Fabulous

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Survival of the Fabulous

Homosexuality is a worldwide controversial topic that is continuously being argued, whether it is morally correct or not. After watching the video “Survival of the Fabulous”, it is in my opinion that being gay is a decision made by one’s own self. It is with popular belief that being gay is something you are born with, but no DNA tests can be done to prove this theory. In my opinion, being gay is a choice made by one’s own self. A person will become attracted to males or females when they hit an age of puberty and hormones. I believe homosexuality could potentially be caused by three factors: psychosocial factors, environmental factors, and biological factors. First of all, psychosocial factors can effect a persons sexual preference by the surroundings they grew up around and the crowd they hung around. For example, if a male person has grown up around a sea of women, he might grow to enjoy sexual relations with other males due to the different moods and feelings women can express. The male could start to enjoy the way women are as a being and start to dress, act, and think like them. Another example would be a male being raised in an all women household; this could effect how he is in the future due to lack of male role models around him as a child and as an adolescent. Your parents have an influence on you that will stick with you throughout your life. Who you are raised around and by has a major affect on how you will turn out to be. Essay: Survival of the Fabulous 3 Secondly, the environment you are around and the social settings you are exposed to represent the biological factors of being gay. Children are more prone to spending time with the same gender, this is how they separate themselves from the opposite gender. The choice of activity consistent with societally defined gender roles will make a homosexual child feel different from opposite-sex children. Environmentally speaking, not having a role model of the same gender around you as you grow up could influence how you are in the future, especially your sexual orientation. Another reason environment factors can affect the sexual orientation of a person is their community surroundings. Whether a person lives in a rural and urban setting can impact it. Living in an urban area, homosexuality is more common amongst the population, which therefore makes it more accepting and more people are more likely to come out with it. Living in a rural area, it does not have as big of a population as urban areas do; therefore, homosexuality is not as common and people are more likely to stick to whatever the “norm” is. Lastly, biological factors can potentially indicate whether or not a person is gay or not. There are certain things a mother could pass onto their child that can influence their attitude, appearance, and