Survival Skills Essay

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Survival Skills
By Maddi Pearson

During the great depression many people were out of jobs. These people had to find another way to survive or support their family. Whether it be by turning to the rails, illegally fishing, or by selling your creativity. In 1929 when the stock market crashed and America spiraled deep into the great depression Yip Hardburg was left with nothing but a pencil and his creative talent. While many people who were poor during that time turned to jumping out of windows he turned to his writing skills. He was determined to make a living out of writing poems and songs for the people. Songs that gave them hope of a better future or that related to them in some way. He successfully did this when he wrote “The Song.” His determination made him have a better life and inspired many people.

Another person who survived the great depression was Grandma Dowell. She used her knowledge of the people around her and her fishing skills to catch fish in the local river to feed her family. Unfortunately this river was located on a wildlife preserve where killing the fish in that river is a serious crime. When the sheriff found out about her fishing habits she talked to him until all of her family and friends had eaten the fish. Therefore leaving no evidence for the law. Her skills and cleverness helped her help family and friends through that hard time. The last person in this book that needs to be recognized in this paper is Arvel. Arvel was crowned king of the hoboes after he expressed his extreme knowledge about the rails and any crafty skills that it took to survive. He was a very