Surviving the First Year Of Parenting Essay

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Surviving the First Year Of Parenting
English Composition
Valerie Jones
Ashford University

Everyone talks about how difficult the first year of motherhood is but one does not truly comprehend those words until they have experienced it for themselves. When my husband and I found out that we were pregnant, I was filled with joy, excitement, and fear. Fear, because my husband and I had only been married for three months. We were still adjusting to each other’s idiosyncrasies when the realization hit us. The pregnancy went off without a hitch; I carried the twins until 38 weeks and was only put on bed rest for four weeks prior to the C-section. On April 05, 2011, Lilliana Grace and Abigail Rose were born in Fort Atkinson, WI. This is where their story unfolds. The first night that we were home from the hospital was very difficult. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I was also determined to pump for them, so between their every two hour feedings and waking up to pump every two hours I was extremely tired. I was already burnt out and I thought to myself “is this what it is going to be like?” Already discouraged, I felt like throwing in the towel. Fortunately before I could lose it all, my husband woke up. With their bellies and swaddled in the cocoons, they went into a milk coma that lasted for two hours. It was heaven for me and we had survived the first night. The next couple of months were a series of ups and downs. I was still struggling with an excess amount of hormones and lack of sleep; while also recovering from major surgery. Through all that, I became a pro at feeding both girls. It’s amazing how creative a person will get when they are determined and also desperate for sleep. We had this comfy chair that I would sit on and I would prop each child on each corner of this chair. I would lie across it and cross my arms to feed them. Lee was a master at swaddling. He would swaddle them so well that they would fall right back to sleep. When I swaddled, them regardless of how tight, I would do it an arm would fall out or their toes would get uncovered. Personally, I think they were just taunting me. Lee and I would not have survived the first year of parenting without the help of those that we loved. I remember the fear of the first year, but I will also always…