Surviving the Wilderness in Winter: Brian's Story Essay

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Charlie Roth
Brian’s winter

Brian survives the harsh Canadian winter because of his intelligence, instinct, and his courage Realistically, his chances for survival where minimal. He had been living alone, he had no communications, and had no warm clothing for the winter. The fact that Brian survived is a miracle, but he was also lucky to have some essential tools in the plane such as his hatchet.
Brian has been living in the wild for 54 days and until recently he had found a survival pack filled with food, a radio, and a gun. When the food from the survival pack is gone, Brian turns to his gun for food even though he knew how to use his bow and arrow. One day while Brian was out hunting for food he saw a rabbit and got ready to shoot. However when Brian pulled the trigger he heard a click. he fired again but he heard another click. Confused Brian opens the guns chamber and found the firing pin was broken. Brian heads back to camp to retrieve the bow that he had been using before the gun.
Brian hadn’t used the bow in a while so he decided to practice, before heading out again. The arrows were just sharpened sticks and the bow was crudely crafted even with such primitive supplies Brian manages to kill a rabbit. After a while of living of rabbit and fool birds, even though there isn’t much on rabbit and fool bird he used everything on the animals. He used the meat and bones for food, the hide as clothing, lather a sewing string, and the organs as bait, he even keep the fish that where to small to eat.
One day a bear comes and to brains camp looking for food and in the proses he destroys brain camp and Brian is left with minor injures. During the attack Brian decides not to shoot the bear because it would only make him angrier and do absolutely no damage to the bear. After the attack Brian decided that he is going to need a better bow to prevent other attacks from happening. The next morning he cuts down branches for the shafts for his arrows, while making the shafts he knew that he had to find something stronger than a sharpened stick to take down bigger animals. He thought about how he had seen what arrowheads looked liked; he went down to the lake to find stones to use in his arrow. Most of the rocks that Brian had used broke and shattered into tiny unusable pieces, out of frustration he slammed his hatchet into a spark rock found out that he could make arrow head out of them. While practicing with his new bow, that he called his war bow, he figured the new arrows would do more damage and fly further than the ones that he had been previously using.
As time goes on Brian notices for the first time that winter is coming, the first thing he decides he needs to do get is to make his shelter more weather proof. He starts by getting fresh mud from the lake then packing the openings with it, after that’s done he goes and put leaves and branches over the mud to insulate it and make it water proof. As winter approaches, Brian saw a wolf, and he needed to remark his territory, while on his way to mark his territory he saw the wolf again with a piece of fresh meat in his mouth, after returning to his camp to get his weapons to investigate where the wolves had got the meat he found a dead deer. After harvesting the dead deer he compared the