Essay Surviving Your Parents Middle Age

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Surviving Your Parents’ Middle Age

COMM 1007
November.12, 2012

The relationships that teenagers experience with their parents will affect them in their future lives. These relationships bring about happiness, sadness, and even depression. Teens should try to build healthy, trusting relationships with their parents and they should be more understanding towards their decisions. Getting along with their parents will make life a whole lot easier, and will keep the peace in the house.
During adolescence, teens tend to apart and become distant from their parents and begin to spend much more time with their boyfriend/girlfriend or just friends in general. Although parents will not understand that this is a normal thing, you have continue to understand it’s something new for them and will take time for them to adapt. To maintain a good, personal relationship you must build a relationship where you are comfortable and able to tell them everything and not fight if they do not understand what you are doing. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents because they will be more understanding towards the decisions you make. If you guys do not agree on something, it is key to talk in a tone in which they can understand what you are trying to say and its important to remember you will not always get your way and sometimes it is necessary to back down and respect there decision. Secondly, gaining trust is a necessary, if you want to be treated as a young