Survivor: Meaning of Life and Survivor Essay

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What exactly is a survivor? A lot of people use the word in the literal sense, meaning someone who stays alive in an event in which many others have died. But to me, a survivor is simply just surviving—no matter the disaster. The word survivor just suggests a survivor of a natural occurrence or tragedy like a plane crash or tornado, but the word can also refer to the mental side of surviving; those who have gone to a place so dark, they couldn’t see the light. Being a survivor means so much more to me and can be seen in so many different ways.
She’s a survivor, that one. (Collins, 90) This line from The Hunger Games is in the context that this person actually survived a tragic disaster or event. She is a survivor because she lived through this event where many others did not, so they call her a survivor. Katniss, the survivor, was brave, strong, aggressive, and trying to make a change, whereas she isn’t selfish, kill-crazy, or careless. She is a survivor simply because she has survivor potential.
Iqbal’s name has become the symbol of the battle to liberate millions of children throughout the world from violence and slavery. (D’Adamo, 121) Iqbal tried to make a difference in the world by taking a stand and trying to end child labor at such a young age and although he isn’t still alive today physically, he is still a survivor through his impact that spreading throughout the world. Iqbal survives through his inspiration, bravery, and strength. The adults that ran the child labor carpet institutes rebelled against Iqbal, but to him it didn’t matter because if he was still getting through it and giving his friends in labor chance, then he was willing to take that cost. He is…