Susan B Anthony Controversy

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“I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand” (Susan B. Anthony). I agree with this quote from Susan B. Anthony because something bad can happen to the man in your life and you might have to provide for yourself. As a result of her Quaker upbringing, Susan B. Anthony became an American legend who spent most of her adulthood, fighting and speaking about the equal right for women.
Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820, in Massachusetts, in a town called Adams. She is second of seven children. She has never been married but she was aggressive and compassionate by nature (Her Life). She had a very determined mind and the ability to inspire people. She kept with this action for everyone to have equal rights until she died on March 13, 1906. In 1838, Daniel Anthony took Susan and Gumela out of school. The depression of 1838 causes him to declare a bankruptcy and the family lost the house in Battenville. The family then moves to Rochester, New York (Susan B. Anthony House). In 1846, she began teaching at Canajoharie Academy with a yearly salary of hundred and ten dollars, this was her first paid position (Her Life). Three years
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As her life as a schoolteacher making the only ⅓ of her salary as her male colleagues, she sympathized with many of these demands for equal rights (Bilhartz, Terry D.). Susan B. Anthony went to lynchings which are an extrajudicial punishment for an informal group. She tries to stop these punishments which are executions by a mob or hanging. She was deeply self-conscious about her looks and speaking abilities but her upbringing with the Quaker help her change that (Susan B. Anthony). She spent most of her adulthood, traveling the country, circulating petitions, speaking about rights, and help to organize local women’s right and labor organization. She was the first actual women printed on a circulating U.S. coin (Susan B.