Susan B. Anthony: The Women's Suffrage Movement

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“ We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” Those were the words said by Malala Yousafzai. She was the girl who got shot because she wanted girls to have a better education. Although ‘Girls Education’ is not the topic of my speech, which is supposed to be about the history of women’s suffrage, the quote still applies. I will be saying “the 19th Amendment to the Constitution” a few times, so just so you know, the 19th Amendment was the one which granted women to vote in the United States, Canada, and a few Latin American countries. An ‘amendment’ means ‘adding something’. Not necessarily something to do with the government. Thus, an amendment to the Constitution would be like adding a law. I guessing that you probably don’t like to …show more content…
Anthony and Elizabeth C. Stanton formed the National Woman Suffrage Association, which tried to achieve women’s voting rights by the process of a Congressional Amendment to the Constitution. Susan Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton were very close friends. If you Googled one of their names, some information would come up about both of them. As you can see, I searched ‘Susan B. Anthony’, and in the ‘people also search for’ part, the first person listed is Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Did you know that Elizabeth Stanton would write speeches for Susan Anthony to deliver, and while Stanton was writing, Anthony would babysit her seven children?

The suffrage movement ended in 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution passed on August 18th. The territory of Wyoming was the first to pass the amendment. There’s a funny story as to how Tennessee let it
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Catt’. What Phoebe Burn, Harry’s mom, A.K.A Mrs. Febb, meant was about Carrie Chapman Catt. Carrie Catt was an American suffrage leader, who campaigned for women’s rights. I won’t be talking about her much, though she did write a few books, including The Ballot and the Bullet as well as Women’s Suffrage and Politics.

In case you didn’t hear the first time I mentioned this voter’s name, it was Harry Burn. However, he was not related to Lucy Burns, a principle character in the suffrage movement. Lucy Burns and Alice Paul formed the Congressional Union in 1913. The name was later changed to the National Women’s Party or NWP for short. The federal women’s suffrage amendment which was introduced in 1878, passed in 1919. That was basically the end in North America. But that wasn’t the end for the rest of the world.

Right now, women still aren’t allowed to vote in Vatican City. This is Vatican on the map. Even though women aren’t permitted to vote, they still use the voting system. Vatican City is the only country/city in which women aren’t allowed to vote. Vatican is so small, at just 109 acres! For the women in Saudi Arabia, their “voting conditions” are better. They can vote in some elections, but not all. I hope that the women in Vatican City will be able to vote as soon as possible. Remember, women bring all voters into the