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The importance of values of social care is of the importance and relevance of values to social care .values and principles influence practice.
All care workers require recognising the importance of the two core values for care practise as suggested by “Janet Miller” and Susan Gibb care in practise 2nd edition2007”the values of respect for the worth of dignity of every individual. The value of according social justice and promoting the social welfare of every individual. Adopting and implementing these values recognises that each individual service user needs are met socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively without stereotyping, pre-judging or discriminating the service user, according to “Janet Miller and Susan Gibb care in practice 2nd edition 2007”
Values are standards and principles to which we live our lives. These standards depend on peoples background e.g. culture,class,religion.gender,age. Values are individual attitudes that direct people`s responses to the world around them.
The mcphail family`s life will be influenced by social policy. Their life will change from being a traveller to living in a house in a housing area shared by other community who are not travellers and who do not understand their way of their life and culture. Private health problems will now be public with the social work service. Betty who has a home carer to assist with personal care the grandfather Jacob who is 68 years of age will also be helped with carers. The mcphail family will now be part of the wider community. Income might have to be topped up with benefits from the benefit system as they might not find as much work as they used to have when they travelled from one place to another they also have rent arrears so this shows they have money problems already. The girls will go to school and get proper education as the girls did not get educated as they travelled from one place to another they will get regular education at school they also could be discriminated against at school as the girls they don’t fit into the” norm “ of other children in their age group they also could be picked on as their appearance as most