Susan B. Anthony Essay

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Dora Gonzalez
Sakinah Riley
English 1:50
19 August 2014
Women’s Rights It is certain that women like Celie from The Color Purple would have been greatly affected if they had been exposed to speeches like Susan B. Anthony’s. Women in that time period would have been reassured that they were not alone in the fight to sustain women’s rights. If Celie and other women in The Color Purple had been exposed to speeches like Susan B. Anthony’s, hope and strength would have been exponentially dispersed. It would give women, who might have thought their situation was a minute incident as opposed to a piece to the puzzle, hope. It would have given those same women strength knowing that if other women could fight back and take a stand, so could they. Unfortunately, that does not mean the dispersion might have been completely positive. The broadcasting of women’s rights would have been a double-edged sword. False accusations would travel around just as much as the facts. But of course, the good outweighs the bad. This can be compared to when Sophia realized that it was Celie who had given Harpo the domestic abuse idea. Celie confessed to Sofia that the only reason she had suggested it to Harpo was because she was jealous. Celie was jealous that Sophia was able to fight Harpo but she could not fight Albert. If Celie had had the awareness of what Susan B. Anthony’s speech contained, she may not have endured as much as she did. Having the support and nurturing of women who went through the same dark abuse would further lure women to the women’s rights movement. The army of women’s rights activists would grow and maybe it would not have taken over over a hundred years to achieve their goals from that time period. They are still in the process of accessing all their