Susanna Moodie's The Moribund Hunter To His Dog

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The Moribund Hunter and his Ardent Companion
Everyone has heard, of the majesty that the bald eagle exemplifies, or the bravery and strength of the lion, but there will always be a special place in the heart of the human race, for man's most loyal and faithful friend, the dog. This relationship is captured by Susanna Moodie, on a more one on one level. In her dramatic monologue the persona is an expiring hunter spending his last moments with his most loving and noble friend, his faithful canine. They reflect on the good times they have had together, as the hunter's well spent final moments, tick away. It is truly remarkable that even though this poem was written in 1831 this love is still present between the two species. In this beautiful poem "The Dying Hunter to his Dog" by the poet Susanna Moodie, diction, setting and characterization are used to portray a tone of love and admiration towards the hunter's dog.
In this great poem, the very first literary device used to portray a tone of admiration is diction. It is present immediately in the first line of the poem, when the hunter expresses his feelings for his canine companion and calls him his "noble hound" (Moodie 1). In this first line the word Noble is used because it's connotation in the mind of the reader, is the feeling of true admiration, felt by the hunter for his dog. Another
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The noble canine could wake the hunters memories with a bark. As well as make his master yearn to be young again with his ears and beautiful eyes. He can remind the hunter that when on the chase, his speed was no match for the hunters spirit. Now it's important to remember that for as long as time will go on, not eagle, nor lion, nor tiger, nor bear, can compare, to the loving friendship, a loyal dog can