Suspense: A Short Story

Words: 388
Pages: 2

Why! Why do I have to be the ghoul that now haunts this neighborhood. Why was I the chosen by fate! The last ghoul is gone since he found me. Now I must find my own victim, and give them the curse. “This neighborhood isn’t very big” I say with hope “I’ll find someone soon enough.” I search and search, but nothing shows up until a while later. I spot him in the corner of my eye.

“Evan hasn’t seen me yet” I think to myself” if I sneak up on him he won’t be able to escape. And I turn from a ghoul to a ninja always staying in the shadows, while moving quickly. “Yes” I whisper in a quiet voice “almost there.” As I creep up I pounce on him, but he's fast, and gets out the way. “Are you it” he asked “answer me, are you it.” “What do you