Suspense In Kate Chophin's The Story Of An Hour

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In the reading “The story of an hour” by Kate Chophin I believe the Arthur made the story brief, because she wanted to leave her readers in suspense and to jump straight to point of their purpose for writing a short story. The effect that Kate leaves upon her readers is the suspense towards the end of her story when Mrs Mallard suddenly dies after seeing her husband who was presumed to have died in an railroad accident and sue to the fact that it is a short story Kate left no room for flashback, background information, or further speculations leaving us right at the climax of what happened to one of her main characters. If Kate’s story was any longer we would loose the sympathy and simplicity that her readers would feel reading the ending for example, because Mrs Mallard heart condition was mentioned in the beginning it is presumed to believe that her heart attack was enacted upon the joy and happiness of seeing her husband alive, when the truth is her heart attack was …show more content…
The effect that Jamaica leaves upon her readers is towards the end of her story when the daughter and mother have one of those very few conversations when the mom states to “always squeeze bread to make sure it’s fresh” and the daughter replies “ what if he wont let me feel the bread” right there the author uses a metaphor with the words “squeeze” and “Feel” to enact buying bread as a sexual act, and because the baker refused to give her the bread symbolize that the daughter is too overly sexual and is already an outcast in her own neighborhood, but the lack of a reply from the daughter leaves us in suspense of what might have been said if the story was much