Sustainability and Environmental Management Essay

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Renova – Fábrica de Papel do Almonda, SA, is a privately held and independent Portuguese company established in 1939 in Torres Novas, Portugal. The company’s operates in the tissues industry, as referred, which consists of disposable paper, such as toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins, tissues, feminine hygiene products, in addition it also produces office paper. It is the leading brand within their industry in Portugal, 3rd in Spain, and is among the top tissue brands in Western Europe. Renova’s production and investigation activities occur fully in two factories in Portugal, employing 590 people. In addition, due to its international expansion it also owns commercial subsidiaries in Spain, France, Belgium and Luxemburg. In 2011 sales reached €135 million, with a total production of

Since 2005 the company stands in the pedestal of the most innovative brands in the World , for the launching of black toilet paper, and further of many other colours and drawings. Its innovative products within an extremely commoditized category – tissues, allowed for recognition at a worldwide level. In particular within the marketing strategy field, where its object of study .

Although the black toilet paper company, as it is known, it is more than a good marketing case. The company’s holds a holistic vision of the World established through its mission: “For a new well-being”. The values founding its mission are based on the connection between the body and the mind (due to the nature of its products), though also with everything that relates to their well-being. Such as respect by the Nature and its Beauty as mentioned in their statement where “(...) the human being on the exercise of its freedom must respect the Laws of Nature. He is not the Supreme Being of the Universe thus is shouldn’t interfere with the Nature, nor with its equilibrium.”
With this motivation and conscious of the negative impact intrinsic to its business Renova made a public commitment to the Environment in 1993, when the company’s first Environmental Declaration was emitted. The 2011 Declaration is the one ruling .
Since then Environmental Sustainability is at the core of its business, being the conductive force of its operations.