Sustainability and Environmental Protection Essay

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First, what is "the protection of the environment," the meaning? We believe there are two. 1, the repair has been destroyed back; 2, no protection is no longer destroyed. We say that produce environmental protection with economic development is coming, there is no economic development, what about environmental protection? Development is the constant theme of human development is the last word, and environmental protection is an issue at this stage made manifest, see and solve problems, but development cannot wait. Environmental problems arising with the economic development, and eventually die out along with economic development.

What "economic development" is the meaning? Including the development of qualitative and quantitative development. In the early human economy entered a rapid development stage, due to capacity constraints, will inevitably cause damage to the environment to some extent. Extensive economic damage the environment, but is generally not intensive economy. Today we have the ability to balance economic development and environmental protection at the same time the. We cannot have a large chimney in the past generation, and now we can build hydropower, nuclear power plant. This is a qualitative economic development brought about. At the same time, economic development and environmental protection bring sufficient funds for technical support.

Humanity is now the most urgent need to address is what? It’s survival. Poverty and hunger are torturing us, there are 854 million people on the planet is now in a state of extreme poverty among the 2.6 billion people now live in poverty which, we only have good survival and development, and we do environmental protection, so that human survival better for the environment is significant. Things are priorities, our country is currently not wealthy, and many areas have not yet reached the level of a well-off, not even solve the problem of food and clothing. Fed with knowledge honor, warehouse Dan real conceivable manners, do not develop the economy and make everyone well fed, how will know the Environmental Protection? Therefore, the most important issue is the development of the current economy. Environmental issues are very important, but to talk about this in the case of the people does not solve the problem of food and clothing, not economic development, environmental protection is only a slogan, not put into action.

We believe that economic development is more important than the environment. First, the relationship between humans and nature from the point of view, if there is no human on this earth, environmental protection will become meaningless, and economic development as the driving force behind human development, so that we get rid of the nascent, ignorant “drill wood to make fire” to make our relationship more harmony between man and nature, more closely, so that humanity gradually realized the importance of environmental protection, environmental protection and for the development of a series of measures and legal systems. Third, from the ultimate goal of human development perspective, we want to thoroughly solve environmental problems, we must solve the problem, to cure, must give priority to economic development, optimizing the economic structure fundamentally, blocking the source of environmental problems, and to be temporary Similarly to give priority to the development of economic, technical, financial and other support for solving environmental problems in front, the only way to provide environmental protection for human survival and development. So we said that the decision of economic development and progress of human existence, is more important than the survival and quality of environmental impact.

Second, we must protect the environment of economic development is the strategy of sustainable development requirements. The environment we live in, our future generations have to live here. We destroy the environment of economic development, some