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Sustainability Project : Presentation Order
Maria - Intro : Hello , We are going to be talking about Sustainability and Sustainability in Richmond BC. In this 21st century, everything is about convenience, but that is not always a good thing for our planet. Our planet Earth is a beautiful place and it is being killed by many things. One of which is global warming.
Maria – Question 1: What is Global Warming?
Global Warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s Atmosphere and Oceans, since late 19th Century, and it’s projected continuation. Since the early 20th century, Earth’s means surface temperature has increased by about 0.8C. Scientists are more than 90% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, produced by human activities such as the burning of Fossil fuel and Deforestation. To better illustrate this, we now have a video to show you the consequences of global warming. One way to protect our Earth is by implementing Sustainability to our lives.
Maria – Question 2: What is Sustainability (General)?
Sustainable development is a concept which has emerged over the last twenty years in response to concerning global trends which impact quality of life. These include: rapid population growth, limitations of the oil economy, changing ecological and atmospheric conditions which support human activity and inability to meet basic needs for all people. The core of sustainability is to achieve a good life today, leave a quality future for next generations.

Sandiya : Question 3: What is the provincial government doing for Sustainability?
With increasing population, industrial and agriculture growth and the potential impacts of climate change, we need to be planning and protecting our water resource to ensure it is sustainable for future generations. Enormous pressure is placed on British Columbia’s water supply. There are many projects conducted by the government to resolve this problem. One of many projects that the government is initiating is the Water Conservation Strategy. It reduces water consumption which relatively decreases the amount of water that requires treatment. Now we have a video to explain why water should be used efficiently. There is no endless supply of water and we have to start rethinking the way we treat what we have at the moment.

Sandiya: Question 4: What is Sustainability to Richmond?
A sustainable community depends on everyone working together and cannot be delivered by any one party acting alone. To Richmond, a sustainable society depends upon the achievement of 4 conditions: a strong, healthy and enriched society, a healthy ecosystem, a responsible and innovative economy, a strong leadership government and community at all levels. Now we are going to watch a video about Richmond, and specifically Terra Nova rural park in Richmond and its specifications.

Sandiya: Question 5: What is the municipal government doing for Sustainability?
City of Richmond makes sure every part of its city is maintained innovatively to be sustainable. Some of which are : effective management of naural assets, eco productive landscape, well managed toxins, healthy urban environments and greenways around the city for protect diversity.
Connie : Companies for Sustainability :
a. YVR : Vancouver International Airport
The Solar Powered Hot Water: The Airport Authority has had solar hot water heating systems on the Domestic and International buildings since 2003. These systems help heat more than 800-gallons of hot water every hour, resulting in an