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1. Terms Of Reference
This report was requested by on the 6th of March and to be due by the 13th of May. This report was also requested by on the 8th of March and to be due by the 17 of June. It was written to investigate the environmental sustainability (Noun: Of economic activity, development, agriculture, etc.: not leading to depletion of resources or degradation of the environment. (“University of Oxford,” 2002, p. 3129)) of the South Christchurch Library + Service Centre on Colombo Street, Beckenham.

2. Procedure
I have obtained the information needed for the findings by visiting the site twice, once with and the class on the 6th of March and by myself on the 21st of March. I also obtained information via internet texts, published books and lectures.

3. Findings
3.1 Structure And Shape
The mono-pitched roof overhang is used on the North, East and West sides of the Library. This is useful for shade during the summer when the sun is high. Then for heat in the winter when the sun is lower, trapping the sunlight underneath the overhang bringing warmth and light into the Library, which is all beneficial to the environmental sustainability of the Library.

The use of high and low level windows on the North side of the Library, help create a very sustainable and environmentally friendly, natural ventilation system. The cooler air that comes in through the lower windows (cooled by the moat as the air travels over and into the Library) forces the hotter air to rise out through the higher windows. It also allows the daylight to shine in deep throughout the Library layout. This is a very smart and clever idea, but it has a flaw. Originally kids using the Library were throwing books out the lower windows. Because of this it has forced them to close the lower windows to prevent this.
The lowered secondary ceiling was used for the aesthetics of the Library. This is constructed out of a metal mesh and suspended from the top ceiling. It also contains the lighting for the Library. By placing the lighting in the suspended secondary ceiling it helps to cool down the lights (using the natural ventilation system). By cooling them down it helps them last longer and work more efficient, making it a very sustainable choice.

The steel framing of the Library is constructed from structural steel. It was used to cut down on the overall weight of the Library as the steel is very lightweight compared to other materials. This meant the foundations didn’t have to be as big, which equals less concrete used and a smaller footprint on the site.
The concrete floor slab was made to look like it was floating above the moat. It was to create a design feature for the Library. It also plays a key part in being a thermal mass, making it very eco-friendly. The slab heats up during the day from the sun and then releases the heat into the building.
3.2 Orientation
The orientation of the building is due North, this is to capture maximum sunlight hours, to help heat and light the Library. It also means it faces out towards the river creating a view of some sorts.
3.3 Materials + Finishes
3.3.1 Exterior
Zincalume coated steel roofing was used for the Christchurch South Library. The Zincalume is zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel. After installation it requires no further treatment, a good choice in helping keep the building sustainable. It is light in colour so it reflects the heat and light, keeping the library cooler through the summer. Also Zincalume is non-corrosive.
Two layers of 18mm James Hardie compressed sheet are used to form the walls on the North side of the Library. It is used in a thermal mass, to help heat the Library throughout the winter…