Sustainability Of Computer Parts

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Sustainability of computer parts
In this day and age of constantly evolving technology the lifespan of recently designed and manufactured electronic devices is gradually decreasing, e.g. The amount of time an electrical device is the latest model of that series and is therefore the newest and best.
As the amount of competition for the electronic market has increased the lifespan of products has subsequently gone down, this is because in order to stay ahead of the opposing companies and to also secure additional income through being able to charge more for the latest technology.
This occurrence of replacement is caused by the human will to have the very best equipment. For example this year will mark the arrival of all of the next gen games for Xbox one, ps4, and of course pc. Because these games are much harder to run it will cause people to have the urge to purchase further upgrades to their pc’s in order to run all of these next gen games with full extreme graphics performance.
There is also the issue of obtaining the materials and then using them to manufacture the products. In order to make GPU’s, CPU’s and many other components some specific raw materials are needed including:
These materials are all very hard to find and mine, however due to this fact they are extremely valuable. Unfortunately their value has caused many problems in the modern war such as the conflicts in the Congo region. These conflicts are