Sustainability Essay

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(Senge, 2010).

Businesses in the 21st century will play in new fields with new rules and world-class competitors. As the world gets smaller due to decreasing resources, the pace of business and scope of change increase and the level of business competition become very intense. (MacMillan, 2001).

Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, Wiesner, Creed, Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn (2010) mentioned that “organizations need to deal with issues such as globalisation, changing nature of the economy, changing nature of work, changing nature of workforce and the changing nature of the relationship between employers and employees.” An organisation which moulds their people into team of individuals striving towards the common goal have identified teamwork as one of the key ingredients in business offering the highest level of quality, service and value. (MacMillan, 2001).

The Importance for Business Managers to Understand Sustainability
The role of business managers is to lead an organization through both strategic and operational decisions with the aim of achieving the organization's goals and objectives (Marx, 2009). A good manager aims for high productivity and maintains a productive workforce. This is achieved through the management processes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. (Wood