Sustainability: Marriage and Wont Come Essay

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Would you keep investing into your future if your mind was somewhere else? Most marriages end up in divorce for the simple reason thing don’t turn out how they expect them too. It takes two to make a relationship work, meaning both parties have to mature and change their ways.When the same old things get hackneyed you seem to go look for some one else to supplant whats not making you happy. Have you ever heard the phrase 'Love doesnt cost a thing'?. When youre young an berly fledgling into the first real love, butterflies wont come just The thought of a future with yor significant other.Building a safe enviroment and a family would be the most opulence decision a couple can make. If one of the couple is an incessant obsticle to the other person,they cant seem to get it together on of them is going to affiniate leaving. What cant be fix without money no one will et ou of love or love isnt going to pay the bills Most people wont grow up. When meeting someone make sure your standards are put on high for the future. Meeting someone with no goals and getting with them because of there apperance or for sexually purposes wont be no help if they cant fill you up with love or with evening talks, trust me everything fadeds away its just a matter of time. The reason for a marriage is for both to change and grow up with one another. Would you try a new candy? When you find yure favorite one an anassailable still stuck there in your face?. When everything else goes