Sustainability: Natural Environment Essay

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The ethical responsibility of a company’s decision as to how they impact society and the environment should always be prevalent. It should not be based on whether there is a chance of being found out, or making a profit for the company, it should be simply because it is the right thing to do.

The conduct of a company as it looks at the fallout from a bad decision should be looked at prior to the decision and all impact on the environment should be considered. A review board of the community would be a great idea to include in the decision making. Even the smallest of companies can benefit from social responsibility. Profits can reflect the decision as more people will trust them and thereby use their product or services more. Not just giving money to charity, but taking into account the protection of the planet.

I feel it should be a legal requirement to have companies publish and prove how they took responsibility for the environment and how they plan on doing so in the future

One organization that shows every single day its social responsibility is Natures Pride; a natural based company that makes many products using natural resources, repurposing and are proactive in using local growers to benefit the community. Thy pride themselves so much so that they say so on their website. They require all suppliers to be sign an agreement that their company has the same ideals values and guidelines as Natures Pride called the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). This document ensures that:

• “Permit no slave or child labor.
• Pay attention to safety and hygiene.
• Pay fair wages.
• Operates normal working hours for their