Essay on Sustainability: Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles

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BA 342-Sustainability

Video Title: Philadelphia Eagles Pledge $30 Million Towards Energy Efficiency

I chose this You-Tube video for my discussion because not only does it deal with the topic of sustainability, but also with the Philadelphia Eagles which is my favorite sports team. I have been to this stadium multiple times so the proposed project is feasible to me. This video illustrates how the Lincoln Financial Field Stadium in Philadelphia will be completely energy self-sufficient by producing all the energy it needs and more. The video informs viewers that the Eagles invested 30 million dollars into energy upgrades, which include solar panels around the facade and wind turbines along the top of the stadium. The Solar Blue Company was hired to oversee this project which was proposed in 2003.
The project is an example of sustainability because it demonstrates advantages for the company, for the community, and for the environment. It is doing something good for the world and the community while being linked with other corporate objectives such as cost reduction, income generation, reputation, and being an employer who people want to work for or buy products from. For example, these upgrades will save the Eagles 60 million dollars over the next 20 years resulting in a 30 million dollar profit over time. In addition, the upgrades will produce enough energy so that there will actually be an excess amount, which will be attached to a smart grid and be channeled into Philadelphia’s power grid. The owners of the Eagles can either sell or donate this excess energy to the neighboring community. With the upgrades, the Eagles will not only eliminate their energy costs and receive money by selling excess electricity, but also they will get tax credit from the government. Therefore, these upgrades will not only be financial advantageous to the company, but they can also be used to help the surrounding community. In addition, the energy