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Sustainability Summit Wednesday, March fourth, at ten AM I attended the Sustainability Summit and got the chance to see many presenters. The presenters were Tyler Huebner, the Executive Director of Renew Wisconsin, Jeffrey E. Anthony, director, Business Development, and associated with the Energy Innovation Center, Dr. Gong Ping Yeh, physicist, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and lastly, Gary Radloff, director of Midwest energy Policy Analysis, and of the Wisconsin Energy Institute. The Sustainability Summit was very informative and I learned many facts I did not know before attending. The Summit is a nonprofit organization that is supported by businesses and individuals. The three outstanding panelists shared many information on how to regulate and release more renewable energy. The first speaker, Dr, Gong Ping Yeh saw the biggest challenge in the world as sustainable energy. “We extract ten billion tons of fossil carbon from the earth and put it into the air, every year.” This is an enormous amount. Also, he noted that “energy is where the money is”. “We plan to consume 48 trillion dollars on energy alone.” We know about this problem, and having summits and informative meetings like these help educate the people in hopes that they will realize that this is a huge problem and improving all energy efficiencies. He also noted that wind power is something us humans are very capable of doing, “We have the power to power the entire Earth. But right now we have only installed about one percent of the wind power potential”. He also noted that the Midwest has very good resources and were are more than capable of installing wind power and that we need transmission lines to do so. Like wind power, soar power also has tremendous potential of being a renewable energy. “If we covered one percent of the Midwest’s grounds in solar panels, we would have enough energy for the year of 2015.” It’s also been studied that the rooftop, if covered in solar panels, could be able to provide twenty percent of the electricity consumption of the Midwest. These are huge numbers, and knowing this now, I feel it is more than necessary to install these solar panels, and wind power right away! This global overview of the world’s diminishing natural resources was very eye opening. Ping Yeh spoke about the global issues and the next speaker presented about the local issues. Jeff Anthony, who works on the north side of Milwaukee, spoke about the research and innovation that is