Sustainable Development

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In the present networking society the concept of sustainable development is the catchy concept for every discipline in academic as well as non academic world. Sustainable development is not the game of one player but it needs collaborative approach to achieve the set goals. The modern uneven and anti environment development are showing dark results in the form of disasters, scarcity drinking of water and pollution. The state actors and international community are in the race that how to achieve the sustainable development goals for this they have adopted various methods and approaches. But the fruits of these steps to achieve these goals are not so impressive at grass root level especially in the third world countries. There are various perspectives …show more content…
Every nation of the world is in the pace to find the concrete solution of this universal problem. The UN has taken cluster of efforts to find the solution of this world wide perilous problem but yet no fruitful results are seen at the grass roots level in many nations of the world due to the poor governance. The real cause behind the catastrophic of environmental devastation is the hubris of hedonistic consumer passion of the modern man on nature. For the fulfilment of greed desaries the modern man has made immense of destruction to this green planet. The pace of destruction has reached to its climax and now in reply the nature shows reaction in the multiple forms in the form of various disasters like climate change, water scarcity etc. To tickle these reactions from the environment many approaches has been used to mitigate these problems. Sustainable development is one of the approaches which are used to conserve the green planet from the hedonistic consumer passion of the modern societies. It was the Stockholm conference 1972 where the conflicts between environment and the development were first addressed. The sustainable development as a concept was begot from the report of common future by world commission on environment and development in 1987. It was this Bundled commission which gives the brief definition to this sustainable development concept as ‘it is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs’ after that the sustainable development became the catchy concept for every discipline in the academic as well as non academic world. After that many strategies has been applied that how to practice this sustainable development at the ground level. Therefore it was 2002 world summit on sustainable development marked further expansion of the