Sustainable Life Essay

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Olga Vinnicov
ENG WR 101
Instructor: Mr. Ahearn
October 2, 2013
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What Define Sustainability in My Own Life

We can imagine one special situation. In front of us we see a large raging river; behind us follow our pursuers and they are getting close. We must cross this river because on the other side we know a secret hideaway. There is no possibility to swim across the river or get around to it. But there is a bridge across the river and this bridge looks as if could collapse at any moment. We have to decide very fast if we dare to go on this unstable bridge for a chance to be saved. This situation illustrates the instability and insecurity in the physical sense. Also, this instability comes from external factors and loss of sustainability has been provoked from outside circumstances. But that concept is more important, how we understand sustainability, that is based on our principles of everyday life and these principles determine our concept of sustainability. Many people understand that sustainability directly relates to environment and natural resources. In this essay, I would like to tell that sustainable principles could be relevant to other parts of human life such as happiness, understanding the reasons why I live and relationship with my family and friends. Many things are important and have a large influence on my life. There are a good health, a loving family, close friends, a good job, financial confidence and other factors. But I consider that true sustainability can be seen when in my life appear hard circumstances and situations as a death of a love one, loss of health and financial well-being. Then I can understand clear what will help me to be strong and continue to live with sense of sustainability. In my life sustainability is defined by a few concepts such as faith in God, a good close relationship with my family and having the support of true friends. First of all, I consider that faith is very important in my life and my concept about sustainability is based on my faith in God. I think that faith is belief in God regardless of the circumstances or influences around me and trusting His words that I read in the Bible. For example, Russian people use the idiom: “This bad situation has beaten out the ground under my foot and destroys my life,” when something wrong happened in their life. I do not like the reasons and situations that cause sadness, sickness, pain or loneliness, but faith in my life is essential thing that gives me sustainability. I believe that any circumstances and events that I meet in my life are in control by God and this is reason why I do not feel fear and do not get depressed even I do not know what could happen tomorrow. Also, in the Bible are many promises from God to cover every situation in my life, and reading the Bible is very important to keep my faith strong. Also, I pray in any situation of life. For example, I prayed when I had my car accident on freeway when I did not know the result and consequences after this accident and I do not give a place for a panic. As well if I have the concrete dilemma and some questions which define my life and I need certain answers for my questions or I need to go through the difficulties related with the death of a loved one only faith and belief in the God’s promises can help me to do not lose stability and sustainability in my life. My sustainability is based on my faith and it fills my life with meaning, and I understand why I live. Faith gives me a purpose in my life, and when I know the goal in my life it is impossible to lose sustainability despite the circumstances. In other words, I can say that sustainability in my life is acquired as a consequence of my faith and clear understanding of meaning of my life. Opposite this concept, the lives of people without faith and without spiritual understanding of their life often lead to a loss the sustainability and foundation of life.