Sustainable Strategy- a Business Report on Marks & Spencers Plc. Essay

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M002LON- Sustainable Strategy APR11

A Business Study Report On Marks & Spencers Plc.
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Submission Date: 20 June 2011
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Executive Summary |

This document/report throws light on the business environment of Marks and Spencers and the analysis of strategic position, strategic direction, success criteria and backed up by future recommendations for the company based on all the mentioned aspects. The frameworks used to analyse the company are:
PESTEL Analysis.
Porter’s Five Forces.
SWOT analysis.
ANSOFF Matrix.
BCG Matrix.
Porter’s generic Strategy.
Bowman’s strategy clock.

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High Power-Low Interest :
Market analysts and media have a high power due to their influence in the market and share price of M&S but very low interest unless provoked by some news.Similarly,customers have little power individually but as a group ,they have very high power because they can easily switch to other brands which can affect the performance of M&S.

High Power –High Interest:
Shareholder generally has a high power but their interest varies depending upon the size of their sharholding. Huge investors may have high interest in M&S’s performance which affects and determines the values of their shares.Core suppliers like those of British Suppliers on which M&S relies heavily,have hig interest and hig power on M&S.Skiled-top level management have high power to take decisions and high interest in the company’s performance.

3. Strategic Direction of M&S |

“Strategic choices involve understanding the underlying bases for future strategy at both the business unit and corporate levels and the options for developing strategy in terms of both the directions and methods of development.” (CULC M002LONU8V3 2011). Strategic direction can be considered as a choice of an organization for developing strategy. To have an understanding about