Sustainable Tourism Essay

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In a time where the environment is an important economic and political issue, sustainability has become essential in the marketplace. Something is said to be sustainable when it has no negative impact on the environment (or as minimal as possible). In 2010, a study completed by a mass tour operator found that 44% of US and European costumers said that if a sustainable holiday option was offered by tourism companies they would be interested. They also said they would have a better image of the company that actively invest in these kinds of initiatives. Tourism and hospitality companies are attempting to capitalize on this image and market by creating multiple changes in company policies. Sustainable tourism places a broad-based obligation on society especially those involved with tourism. Things such as government involvement, education and the rising number of ecotourists have made sustainable tourism destinations very popular. An example of an organization that is promoting this sustainability is Parks Canada. Parks Canada enforces many rules in order for tourists to make the smallest impact possible on the environment and in turn make them ecotourists. Tourists are only allowed to make fires with drift wood and should never cut trees or use vegetation. Also, because there are no washrooms or garbage cans at most of these parks, tourists are asked to use outhouses and pack up their garbage in order to protect the integrity of freshwater sources.
The hospitality industry is also greatly involved in the sustainability market. Businesses often participate in environmentally friendly activities and advocate their greenness.. A hotel that advocates such environmentally friendly products and processes is Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. Fairmont looks at the infrastructure and superstructure of sustainability in order to stay as green as possible. This includes creating a compost program with the kitchen service, redistribution of untouched foods to local shelters and a