Susutainability Development in O & G Industry Essay

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Running head: Statoil Sustainability

Statoil’s Sustainability Related Activities [Name of the Instructor]
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Description of the Organization 1
Impact of Statoil activities of the environment 3
Importance of Statoil acting in a Responsible Manner 4
Alternative Energy 5
Acting in Accordance with Laws 5
Water Management 6
Sustainable Shipping Strategy 7
Stopping Spills 8
Biodiversity 8
Natural Gas 9
Sustainable Arctic Operations 10
Reflective Log 10
References 13
Reflective Log 15

Statoil’s Sustainability Related Activities

Introduction This assignment is formulated to understand the phenomenon of sustainability activities in the oil and gas sector of the world. This sustainability related activities are measured on climate, environment and other factors, which have serious relation and impacts on the creatures of this planet. Being a consultant from “Future Energy Consultant”, it is my duly duty to provide guidance upon environmental management and related activities to ensure that no organization would indulge in any unpleasing activity that would destroy the natural culture of the planet. To promote the “Greener” concept of the globe, the organization has decide to take oil and gas company and inspect its measures towards sustainability in the environment. The company, which is chosen, is Statoil. Statoil is a Norwegian company founded in the 1972. However, the company has a major merger in 2007, with Norsk Hydro. The company is managed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy – Norway, and also 67% of the company’s shares are in the hands of the Norwegian government (M2 Presswire. 2001).

Description of the Organization Statoil is a completely incorporated petroleum corporation, with projects operating in more than 36 countries. By returns, Statoil was titled as the world's 13th leading Oil and Gas Corporation in 2010, by Fortune Magazine, and the biggest corporation in the Scandinavian constituency by income and returns (M2 Presswire. 2006). The company is dedicated to accepting the global energy requirements in an accountable way, working with technology and developing inventive trade results. For the company, the manner it works is as significant as the objectives the company achieves. Statoil deem that cutthroat profits for our stakeholders are most excellently attained through a value based culture, severe moral necessities and a code of conduct, which encourages individual honesty. The organization sets total necessities for health, security and nature. The organization intends to take care of the demand for energy which is vital for further financial and social growth, while demonstrating attention for nature's domain and attempting to fight worldwide environmental problems (Noticias Financieras. 2011). Safe and powerful operations are the association's first necessity. Statoil have won fame for its specialized security following framework and our sheltered conduct customize. Along these lines, it accepts that everything mischance might be stayed away from and its objective is dependably to attain zero private injures. It stresses enduring work for an enhanced health, wellbeing and earth exhibition in all our exercises. The organization concentrates on committing to satisfactory improvement through our centre exercises in the nations in which we manage (Anonymous. 2012). It is conferred to openness and hostile to pollution work, and to appreciation for human rights and representative rights. That applies both to our particular actions and to those parts of the quality chain over which we have huge impact. Statoil administration framework needs full agreeability with neighbourhood enactment in all nations where the association has actions, and administers that inner legitimate approbation must be gotten soon after the association take part in sponsorship or begin a