Suyuan Woo In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Clair. Lena is married to Harold and they met at a architect site. She owes Harnold rent and pays for her own things. Lena knows that this marriage is horrible but she thinks it what she deserves because of Arnold-The boy Lena thinks she killed because she didn't finish her rice bowl. Ying Ying helps Lena save her marriage.
Ying Ying St. Clair was raised by her nanny. Ying Ying marries Clifford St. Clair and he treats Ying Ying like she's nothing. Ying Ying tries to save her daughter marriage so she doesn’t make the same mistakes as her. She is predicted to be psychic because she predicted her husband death,Lena getting sick,and…. She thinks her spirit is weak because she was born on the tiger year and she wishes to give her spirit to her daughter so she can have more
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Rose Hsu Jordan is an obedient person. “And then she spoke quietly about Ted's future, his need to concentrate on his medical studies, why it would be years before he could even think about marriage” When Ted's mother asked Rose to stay away from Ted she listened not caring about how it would affect him. She doesn’t want to make any decisions for herself, she would have her husband Ted makes all the decisions because she was confused and didn’t believe there was ever a right answer. Her mother would criticize her about her choice of men and about going to a psychiatrist. Ted got fed up with Rose not caring about their marriage and files for divorce. When her husband Ted asked for a divorce, she was depressed and wouldn’t get out of bed for days. Ted sent the divorce papers, along with a $10,000 check and Rose hides them in a drawer for four days. During those four days Rose starts to think about her house and how her marriage has crumbled. On the fourth day Ted comes over and Rose gives him the divorce papers, he tells Rose she can stay in the house till she finds a place to live; But it turns out she already found a place and it turns out Rose gets to keep the house. At this very moment Rose finds her strength and makes a decision for herself and she gets what she