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The purpose of code of practice is to set out the conduct that is expected of social service worker/care assistants and to inform service users and the public about the standards of conduct they expect from social service workers.
Care Assistant/Social Service Worker must:
• Protect the rights and promote the interest of service users and carers. It includes:
Treating each person as an individual
Respect and promote individual views and wishes
Supporting service user rights to control their lives and make informed choices about the service they receive
Respecting and maintaining the dignity and privacy of service users
Promoting equal opportunities for service users
Respecting diversity and different cultures and values.
• Strive to establish and maintain trust and confidence of service users. This includes:
Being honest and trustworthy
Communicating in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way
Respecting confidential information and clearly explain company policy about confidentiality to service users
Being reliable and dependable
Honouring work commitments, agreements and arrangements and when not possible to do so, explain why to service users
Declaring issues that might create conflicts of interest and make sure they do not influence our judgement or practice
Adhering to policies and procedures about accepting gifts and money from service users
• Promote the independence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm. This includes:
Promoting the independence of service users and assist them to understand and exercise their rights
Using establish processes and procedure to challenge and report dangerous, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour and practice
Following practice and procedures designed to keep you and other people safe from violent and abusive behaviour at work
Bringing to the attention of employer or appropriate authority resource or operational difficulties that might get in the way of delivery of safe care
Informing employer or an appropriate authority where the practice of colleagues may be unsafe or adversely affecting…