Swagger: Ming Dynasty and Columbian Exchange Essay

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World History
April 16, 2013
Third Essay Exam The sixteenth century brought much change not only in Europe but in the world. It brought globalization to the world and very few parts of the world were not touched by some aspects that came from globalization. In my opinion, the greatest themes that came from globalization were The Columbian Exchange, deadly pathogens, and the destruction of Zheng He’s navy. All three themes changed the world in significant ways and are the product of globalization. The first theme that significantly changed the world was the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange brought Europe new crops and animals and Europe brought the world its resources that were not relative to certain places in the world. Europe and Asia brought bananas, rice, sugar, apples, horses, cattle, and pigs. Other crops that were transported and took root in Africa, Asia, and Europe included potatoes, beans peppers, pineapples, and tobacco are just a few resources. The exchange of crops and animals benefited the world’s population however; it also brought something horrible…disease. The writers of Traditions and Encounters put it perfectly, “The European voyages of exploration set off a round of biological exchange that permanently altered the world’s human geography and natural environment” (Bentley, Ziegler 486). Through the popularity of exploring the world and conquering new lands as well as transporting crops, animals, and humans lead to the disastrous deadly