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I would like to start of this week’s Sabha with a question: What is the physical property of water? Water has no shape, it takes the shape of its container. Imagine a water bottle. The water inside the bottle takes the shape of the bottle. When the bottle is shaken, what happens? The water does not hold its shape, it goes everywhere. Now, pretend you put the water bottle on the floor and let the water settle. What happens? The water again takes the form of the bottle.
This argument of water can be seen like so: When water is contained, it has a form and when water is let loose, it has no form. In Satsang, a similar motif occurs in which we get the question: Does Maharaj have a form or not? Many argue that he does while others maintain that he does not. Those who say that he does not state that god’s form is uncontainable and therefore cannot be given form while others say that Maharaj himself had to have created a form for people to believe in. Otherwise, what would they do bhakti of?
In today’s sabha, we will dive deeper into this concept of Pragat.
We will take a look at some prasangs from our gurus’ past that prove that Maharaj is
Ever-present on this earth through the Pragat Satpurush. We will learn and understand how Yogiji Maharaj and Pramukh Swami
Maharaj have demonstrated this pragatpanu. And to start off let us invite Maharaj and Swami into our sabha by singing dhoon done by Dhruvilbhai and Dhruvbhai as well as prathana done by Vrajbhai and Shohilbhai.
Presentation 1:
During this past year, a Sevak santo held a mirror in front of Swamishri and asked “Who is the mirror?” to which Swamishri replied “Maharaj.” During another incident, Swamishri said that it was Shastriji Maharaj in the mirror. Moments, where Swamishri reveals who he truly is are quite rare, but they show us that Maharaj is truly pragat through Swamishri and that this comes from this ekantik lineage. Let us learn about how Yogiji Maharak and Pramukh Swami are the pragat form of Maharaj with a presentation done by Pinkalbhai.
In the first presentation, we talked about Maharaj being Pragat. Maharaj has promised to stay in this earth through the Satpurush. We know that Bapa is the Pragat Satpurush and that we have found him physically on this earth, but one concept we tend to overlook is that we also have a mental connection to him. When Bapa was in Robbinsville, all of us were able to experience his presence. Everyone was in a happy mood and everyone felt at peace. This was all due to him physically being there. When Bapa went back to India, the feeling of sukh we had when Bapa was here lessened. One way to reconnect to Bapa and feel that same sukh again is by doing smruti on Bapa’s murti and re-attain that peace and bliss we all enjoyed in Robbinsville. Let us fold our hands together and sing Tare Murti Lage Chhe with Parthbhai and Kirtanbhai.
Presentation 2:
Ask about what everyone learned in presentation 1
As we just saw, in the first presentation today, we all learned about
Maharaj’s Pragat form. We learned many new enjoyable prasangs of
Bapa and Yogiji Maharaj that prove Maharaj’s promise to always reside on this earth through the Pragat Satpurush.