Swan Lake Concert Report

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The concert that I had attended was the Bluebeards Castle and Swan Lake Opera. It took place on Friday, March 3rd, 2016 at the Kimmel Center in Verizon Hall, in Center City, Philadelphia. The piece that was being conducted was called Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and Bluebeards Castle by Bela Bartók, conducted by Yannick Nezet- Seguin. The Swan Lake was one his famous trilogy of ballets. Unfortunately, on the day it premiered, it turned out to be an utter disaster due to poor choreography. The ballet is constructed in four scenes. The genre of this ballet is a fairy tale. It is a romantic love story about a prince and princess but sadly ends in a tragedy. The second piece that was played was Bluebeards Castle which is a one-act opera by Hungarian …show more content…
My taste of music is in no way like what was playing in this concert. As I soon as I walked in to the hall and sat down, I honestly was thinking about leaving at the next chance I got but that wouldn’t be until the whole concert was over as I had to stay for the whole thing. Once it started, it started out slow and I thought that this was how it was going to be for the entire ballet score. Out of the blue, the drums and trumpets came in and sort of electrified the atmosphere and the audience, including me as well. This was my first ever concert and I was completely in awe by the fact that every single musician was in unison. I was also observing each musician to see if anyone was out of sync but there wasn’t one that was. I also thought to myself now whether the musicians get exhausted from holding their instrument for a long period but whether they were, it did not affect them. Bluebeards Castle, however, was a sad and slow piece and almost put me to sleep. Since the lyrics were in Hungarian, it was uncomfortable for me to transition from the subtitles above and the soloists below. Classical music today are ones which are usually from back in the old days from famous composers, most of whom aren’t alive today. I may not like classical music but I feel like this genre exist today for a reason. I think these types of concerts exist to show you how the