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Things Fall Apart is a novel of religious conflict caused by different ways to interpret the will of God. I would describe this novel that way because the author delves into the differences between the tribes beliefs and puts a negative spin on the presence of the Christian Missionaries. The tribes were facing changing times and were being told that their Gods are false. Religion played a big role in this novel in which I would argue contributes to the identity of the novel. The villagers were told that there is only one God and that the idea of there being more than one God was unheard of and flat out, stupid. The tribal people believed in multiple God’s one in which being the earth Goddess. When Okonkwo accidently kills Ogbuefi’s son, he goes into exile because it was a crime against that Goddess. This is an example of how religion played a role throughout this novel causing a conflict between two interpretations of God and his/her will. One major concern that the villagers had was that they could not understand how the Holy Trinity can be accepted as one God. This was caused by their pre-existing knowledge of their tribal beliefs and rituals in which are described as somewhat simple people unlike the Christian Missionaries. The novel interprets the Igbo people as people that fear what they do not understand. When describing remedies they begin to credit magic and spirits and even God’s. The will of God is a visible conflict in this novel. In conclusion the Things