Swastika Significance

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In World War 2 the symbol the Nazi’s used on their flag was the Swastika. The Swastika has a long and detailed history around the world. The Swastika became the famous symbol of the Nazi’s. Studies have shown that the Swastika has been around long before World War 2. It was used all around the world. The Swastika is involved in many religions. The famous symbol has almost the same meaning for every religion or culture. The Nazi’s changed the Swastika into their own symbol for the war. After World War 2, the view of the Swastika drastically changed from the original intent of the symbol.
The Swastika has a long and rich history before World War 2. The very first piece of the original Swastika was found 12,000 years ago in Mezine, Ukraine. The Swastika had been carved on an ivory figurine. Many cultures use the Swastika symbol. One of the very first cultures to use the symbol was the Neolithic culture in Southern Europe. In that area now are the areas of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. This is now known as the Vinca culture. This information dates back to about 8,000 years ago. The Swastika symbol is featured on many church glass windows
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Even with Nazis using the Swastika, the symbolism of the Swastika hasn’t changed from before World War II in many countries, but it changed after World War II. In World War II the Nazis used the Swastika on their flag. However, the Swastika has a long history. The Swastika has many different meanings in varying cultures and religions. The Nazis changed the appearance of the Swastika of their flag. Also the worldwide view of the Swastika changed from what it was before and after World War II. With all that the Swastika has been used for, it has had a long and rich history. The Swastika is still and will always be a symbol known throughout the