Sweden and Bangledesh Essay

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Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union with a population of about 9.5 million but there is a low population density per square meter. Most people are settled in the Southern part of the country and a high percentage live in the urban centre. Stockholm is the capital city and it is the largest city (Boraas 2003, p. 4-7). Sweden has been at peace since time immemorial and has avoided war at all cost. Currently the country is a constitutional parliament with a democratic parliament and she has a highly developed economy. Her capita income is ranked eighth in the world’s economy and she has the second most competitive country in the world in World Economic Forum. Her infant mortality rate is low and she is considered one of the countries with stable income. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia with a population of over 160 million and eighth populous country in the world and she is one of the world’s densely populated countries. The most popular religion is Muslim and she has a rich cultural heritage. There has been political instability in the country because of the western wing who has dominated the country. The economy is low and poor and a lot of ethnic and linguistic discrimination all over the country (Wahid & Weis 1996, p. 13). In 1971, there was a Bangladesh Liberation War due to civil disobedience and popular agitation. After independence, the country has suffered severe famine, poverty, military coups and political turmoil making her economy to drastically fall. Bangladesh is a unitary multiparty parliamentary republic with an elected assembly. Her armed forces play a big role in the peace keeping forces of the United Nations. Bangladesh has continued to suffer several challenges such as corruption, poverty, overpopulation, political instability and harsh climatic conditions (March 2004, p. 15). This has greatly improved compared to previous years and there is still hope for the future of this country. Sweden is a very developed country compared to Bangladesh which has a very high population with a poor economy making people who live there be poor. Sweden is such a big country and with her small population people are able to own big tracks of land which enable them to make good production to take care of their families unlike in Bangladesh where owning land is next to impossible. Political system in Sweden is well stipulated and stable enhancing the growth of the economy of the country because more and more investors come along to transact their businesses in the country (Nordstrom 2002, p. 10). Due to political instability in Bangladesh, very few investors who have interest to carry out business in the country because they consider it as unsafe and at any time a war may break out. The climatic conditions are also not favorable for many people and farming practices too. This becomes hard because most foodstuffs have to be imported in the country for the citizens to survive and it is so expensive for the country to import goods. Sweden on the other hand has good climatic condition and farming does so well in the country where it is considered as any other business and it is also done for…