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Professor McClain
English 123
11 September 2014
Sweetwater Tavern
Sweetwater Tavern is a part of a chain based in Fairfax, Virginia; Great American Restaurants own nine different eateries, each with its own unique theme. Sweetwaters radiates a Southwestern vibe from its Sheriff badge logo to the cowboys and indians mural spread across the walls. Many people who live near this restaurant all rave over the delicious food and impeccable service. This is one of the best dining establishments I have been too, according to, it earned 4 out of 5 stars (Yelp, Sweetwater Tavern).
The food here is amazing. It is almost impossible to order something on the menu you did not enjoy. Their wide array of options, appeal to about every tastebud. The food, along with the atmosphere, is southwestern with its flavors and spices. You can find anything from salads to burgers to steaks, even tilapia. However, the desserts are what really make an impression. The two most popular that are served here, are the Warm Flourless Chocolate Waffle and the Warm White Chocolate Bread Pudding. I have had both, and would most certainly recommend them. The first bite melts in your mouth as you enjoy the sweet and decadent flavor. The hardest part is saving room for the desserts. Not only do they have outstanding food, they also brew their own beer. If you are not sure which beer you would like, the bartenders are happy to send over small tasting mugs until you find the one that suites you. They sell growlers that you can pick up and take home. These are great for big occasions. If you bring one of their old growlers back from a previous purchase, your price is cheaper.
While you could rave about the food all day, the service is what truly stands out. The waiters are always very happy and cheerful. The wait time is never long to get your drinks or food. While you are waiting for your food to arrive, you are more than happy to snack on the assorted bread basket that is brought out to you. If there is every a problem or issue with your meal, the manager comes right away to assure your evening is pleasurable. The last night I ate there, I was with my family; my mother ordered halibut that had a broken blood vessel, this causes a red leak in the fish. She asked the waiter and he requested that a new one be sent out. Only a few minutes later, the manager came up to our table, asking how we were, and told us her meal was on the house. Even if you are initially upset about a problem concerning your meal, you almost often leave there very pleased with your experience. A Washington Post reviewer,