Sweta Patel Card Games Essay

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Sweta Patel
Professor Carpenter
English 097
May 15, 2015
Playing Cards
Any kind of activities that brings happiness in heart is called hobbies. Hobbies differ from person to person. Hobbies define person’s personality and character. Hobbies helps in learning new things every day. Running, swimming, skipping, reading, etc., are all different kinds of Hobbies. Playing cards is one of the hobby that is enjoyed by all age group from children to senior’s citizen. Playing cards can be a past time that offers pleasure and social enjoyment.
Playing cards were invented in China around the 9th century and then spread to India, Persia and Egypt. By the second half of the 14th century it was spread in Italian and Iberian peninsulas. There are many stories on introduction of playing cards. One of them is in 14th century, number of travelers to Asia and Africa learned some card games, individually or as a group, and having played it with local inhabitants and probably with each other during their travels, they decided to bring a pack or few packs back in with them so that they can continue playing cards in Europe. Playing cards is a piece of specially prepared heavy paper marked with distinguish motifs and used as one of a set for playing card games. A complete set of cards is called a pack, deck or set. A pack of card games is used to play a variety of card games. Playing cards are also used for illusions, cardistry, building card structures, cartomancy and memory sport.
Solitaire is one person game which is very popular. It gives pleasures to one’s mind if played during time of loneliness. In compare to other games, this game doesn’t require a partner or team members to play. It can be played on smaller areas than the card table such as floor or on the bed. This game is played with standard