Swimming Pool and Responsibilities Minimising Risk Essay example

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Children’s Rep

As a children’s rep it is important to overcome different duties and responsibilities of a children’s rep, those include:
Activities planned
Safety duties and responsibilities in relation to identifying potential risks
Security and personal welfare related duties and responsibilities
Minimising risk related duties and responsibilities

For a weekly plan of activities you need to make sure to include passive activities and active activities.
Passive activities are ones that are performed while sitting still e.g. board games, quizzes, stories, crafts, jigsaws, drawing, painting, watching movies/TV, video games.
Active activities are ones that include moving e.g. sport games like football, basketball, tennis, swimming, beach activities, and playground activities.
Safety duties and responsibilities in relation to identifying potential risks
It is important for a children’s rep to carry out risk assessments and educate children to make them aware of possible dangers in site and off site.
Play equipment has to be safe to use – clean, no sharp edges, it also can’t be lying around due to children falling or tripping over it. Hazardous substances have to be out of children’s reach – cleaning equipment, chemicals, batteries etc as it can burn skin, damage eye sight, can be swallowed. There can’t be any open sockets as children like to put their fingers or any other play equipment in the holes of the sockets which can lead to electrocution or fire. Open windows can cause children falling out, fingers caught, breakage of the glass. To prevent that children’s reps need to make sure the windows are closed off if not needed and educating children about the possible dangers. Patio doors can also be dangerous due to fingers getting caught, glass breaking. Keep it closed if not used and educate children of possible danger. Put stickers on near lifts so children don’t use it on their own or get their fingers caught in between the doors as children need to be supervised at all times. While going to swimming pools or the beach children’s reps must supervise and manage children very as it could lead to kids’ slipping or drowning. While in a swimming pool the depth of it needs to be visible. Make rules to control children’s behaviour.
Unclean play environment could lead to bacteria, so it has to be sanitized at all times. Also, drinking water needs to be filtered, if not it contains bacteria, can cause digestive problems.
For fire safety there has to be equipment on site and children’s rep must know the procedures and train the children.
For road…