Switching To Public School-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Mandy Hale once said “Change can be scary, but you know what is scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing”. The majority of my life I spent going to a public school. About two years my parents decided to switch me and my brother to Patrick Henry Academy, a private school around the town of Estill. Switching to a new school has taught me many valuable lessons which includes that I should not judge a book by its cover because the cover doesn’t always tell the whole truth. My time here has also helped me learn to deal with people who I do not share the same opinions with. For me switching schools had started my life academically and socially.
Switching schools has changed my outlook on myself and the people around me. This decision really did change my life and who I am today.
The moment I realized I might be going to Patrick Henry I was sitting in the kitchen making food when my mom asked me how I felt about going there. I was very happy and immediately texted one of my friends who went to Patrick Henry named Bryce. Then a week later my mom was looking on the website while we were at a baseball tournament during the summer. She realized that the school was not as bad as she thought and told me that I was probably going to go to Patrick Henry instead of Wade Hampton. After that I started processing
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It taught me many lessons that I would not have learned in public school. This school had shaped me into a different person and showed me two very different worlds that I enjoy. Coming to Patrick Henry is one of the best decision I think my parents could have made. It taught me multiple lessons and gave me insight on my future that I would not have learned anywhere else. At first I was afraid to come to Patrick Henry, but then I got over the fear and embraced the situation I was in. Being able to embrace this situation instead of fight it really did change